Annex Ale Project

We built Annex Ale Project because we can make a contribution to beer culture in Calgary. It’s pretty simple — we love what craft brewers are doing with barley and hops and water and hard work, and we need a space to make our own humble, yet stoutly idiosyncratic contribution. 

Our taproom attests to our focus: good beer, good people, no distractions. Without compromise and without apology, Annex is about making progressive beer, having a beer with friends, and talking about beer and life and beer.

We can easily go on at length about beer. But we’ll save that for a conversation in person. With beer.



We're building the
brewery now.


Find us on twitter (@annexales)and instagram (@annexales) for updates on building the space and opening.

media inquiries

403 992 0290


4323 1st St. S.E. Calgary, AB 


Check back soon!

Annex Ale project Founders

Erica and Andrew grew up on the same side of the tracks, but met on the other side of the country. If they're not making beer, or thinking about making beer, or drinking beer, or thinking about drinking beer they can be found asking the big questions.

How much beer is there in the world?

About 135 billion litres. Per year. But only a tiny percentage is worth putting in your mouth.

Andrew has made about 25,000 litres of beer a week for the last four years, inventing new varieties, interpreting standards, and helping other craft brewers in our city make beer.

Do we need more beer?

Technically speaking: yes. We do need more beer. We need just the right amount of just the right kind of beer.

When it comes to taste and flavour and hitting just the right notes, Erica is a taster’s thesaurus: a machine made for combining and elevating flavours.

What is the dog dreaming about?

Grand openings and fresh cut grass.


Annex ale society

Join our growler program. 

It's easy. You sign up and help support a local brewery in it's infancy.  Your money will be used to buy steel, copper, barley kernels and hops.  In return we will share with you the fruits of our labour over the next five years.   It's really the best way to get involved with some cool people that just want to make better and better beer.  







and let's talk.

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