Annex Soda Mfg.

Root Beer


Our Root Beer contains no artificial colouring or flavours. For over a year we worked on nailing the perfect recipe and Root Beer was the first product we launched in September 2016. With eleven natural botanicals, Annex Root Beer contains strong notes of molasses, vanilla and wintergreen and is reminiscent of your favourite childhood beverage.

Pick up our Rootbeer at our Tap Room and at the below breweries and retailers.

In bottles

5 Vines Wines, Craft Beer & Spirits

Ace Diner

Banded Peak Brewing

Blindman Brewing


Brasserie Kensington

Bricks Wine Co.

Buttermilk Fine Waffles

Canmore Fudge & Gifts

Common Crown Brewing

Cookbook Company

Cured Delicatessen

The Dandy Brewing Co.

Deane House

Dumpling Lab

Elbow Room

Gummi Boutique (Granary Rd)

Hell's Basement

High Line Brewing

Holy Smoke BBQ (SE location)

J. Webb (Farmer's Market)

Made. Foods 

Meat & Bread

Monogram Coffee

NHBR Coffee

Our Daily Brett

Origin Malting and Brewing

Thumbprint Craft Beer Market (Airdrie)

Vitality Tap



One Litre Cans

Hell's Basement Brewery (Medicine Hat)