CORE beers

These are our core beers, always available at our taproom
and (almost) always available at these fine vendors.


Metes & Bounds

XPA 6%

To understand the space this beer occupies in the brewing landscape, all you have to do is walk its boundaries. Begin at the corner that values flavor above all else. Continue to the unmistakable aromas of a great IPA. Keep going until you sense the balance of a pale ale. Then arrive back where you started, and do another lap.

Hops: Galena, Cascade, Centennial, Azzeca, Chinook

Bitter division

North American Bitter 5.2%

We’re drawing a line in the sand. On one side, you’ll find traditions and conventions, rule books and old recipes. On this side, we want people who enjoy good beer from a small brewery that’s carving out a corner of the city and declaring autonomy. That’s the spirit of this North American reinvention of the English bitter, it’s nutty and bready with notes of caramel and citrus. Because it’s easy to be bitter. It’s better to do something about it.

Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Waimea, Galena